Matt Bubak, Ph.D.

Matt Bubak

Matt was raised in Omaha, NE as part of the once famous trapeze troupe the Soaring Bubaks. During the infamous Circus Wars of the early 2000’s Matt’s family’s troupe was bought out by their longtime rivals Cirque De Terre. Hanging up his spangled leotards, Matt entered Creighton University for his undergrad.

Matt got his PhD in Exercise Physiology focusing on satellite cell proliferation and differentiation, and human skeletal muscle after catastrophic exercise.

Matt joined OMRF and the Miller lab keenly interested in mitochondria and aging. His goal of continuing in research will fit in with his desire to moonlight as an ornamental hermit.

Matt enjoys spending time with his wife, his dogs, woodworking, beard growing, rap battling, lumberjack games, and is currently in existential bliss after finally living more than 3 miles from the spot he was born.

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