Agnieszka Borowik Ph.D.

Agnieszka (“Agga”) hails from Poland and grew up in Częstochowa. Agga comes from a long line of artists but realized that she couldn’t draw, so was forced into science instead. Agga was briefly scouted by the Polish Olympic Windsurfing team before attending the University of Gdańsk in Gdańsk, where she originally studied oceanography and biotechnology as an undergrad. Her doctoral work focused on nanomaterials, particularly diamonds, as modulators of active compounds, and she will have her Ph.D. awarded shortly.

In her spare time, Agga enjoys shark wrestling, skiing tall mountains, and ocean swimming–all activities well-suited for a flat, land-locked state. Agga also believes that breakfast foods should only be served for dinner, and she has a dog named Puppy.

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