Ashley Bell

Ashley holds the longest tenure at OMRF compared to anyone else in the Miller lab combined, though exact calculations remain elusive, let’s take this assertion as credible.

Originally hailing from the northeast, Ashley made the decision to relocate to Oklahoma, lured by its breathtaking natural beauty.

During her leisure hours, Ashley has become an aficionado of trampolines, having rigorously assessed thousands of them based on three key factors: bounciness, boingy-ness, and barbarousness. According to her, an ideal trampoline should not only provide delightful bounciness and boingy-ness but should also inspire participants to engage in classic trampoline warfare, notably the game “Crack the Egg,” in which Ashley reigns as the current world champion.

One quirkier aspect of her hobby is that Ashley has occasionally been caught testing trampolines at random houses without invitation. She sees it as a necessary means to stay well-informed about the market by actively gathering data from various participants.

Beyond her trampoline passion, Ashley is also a devoted mother, with two children whom she proudly trains in the multifaceted trampoline arts.

Spending quality time with her children and pets brings Ashley much joy, and when she’s not immersed in trampoline-related activities, she indulges in the pleasure of savoring Starbucks in the great outdoors.

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