Mariola Gimla

Mariola is originally from Poland but has recently joined the Miller lab as a Fullbright scholar.

On the surface, it would appear that Mariola is extraordinarily studious and is advancing her career by joining our lab. However, the truth is that Mariola is the closest proximity-wise she has ever been to her one true passion: Capybaras.

Capybaras envelop every aspect of Mariola’s daily life. She lives to “be one” with the capybaras, going as far to even nap underwater with her capybara brethren. Unfortunately, she isn’t able to stick her nose out of the water as easily as the capybaras, so she has to utilize a snorkel.

Mariola enjoys cooking, baking, and learning new ways to become more capybara-like.

Mariola earned her bachelor’s degree in Medical Biology and went on to earn her master’s in Medical Biology as well, where she investigated the mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs. For her Ph.D., she is studying the mechanisms of action of anticancer drugs that have been derived from lichen.

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