Kennadee Snowden

Kennadee is a lifelong Oklahoman. She attended the University of Tulsa and earned her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science, along with a minor in chemistry.

A little-known fact about Kennadee is that she is a mermaid. Well, she believes she is. It all started when she went snorkeling for the first time and enjoyed it to the point that her life changed. She often refers to this experience as the moment she could fin-ally sea clearly and discovered her porpoise. The unfortunate part of Kennadee’s mermaid lifestyle is that she has been caught in numerous aquariums and crashes every pool-based children’s birthday party she sees.

Kennadee has a loving partner, Alex, who never denies her when she wants to travel 12 hours to the nearest aquarium that she hasn’t yet been banned from. You could say they mermaid for each other.”


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