Colleen O’Reilly, Ph.D.

Growing up, Colleen bounced around a bunch as a member of a military family. She found comfort and stability in being around horses from an early age. At one point Colleen was a locally renowned jouster. Not the showy Renaissance Fest or Medieval Times jousting, the real, true, attempting to ride down and impale enemy-type jousting. I am NOT making this up. Colleen would legit get on a horse, and charge it as fast as it would go, with the intent of stabbing something at the end of a long, sharp wood pole. She also was involved with horse gymnastics, as in, doing gymnastics on a horse, not training a horse to do a flip on a balance beam. To reiterate – this is 100% TRUE.

Colleen is seriously involved in horses, training, nutrition, riding, and getting a masters in animal science from Texas A&M in equine physiology.

Colleen got her Ph.D. as well from Texas A&M working on the impact of ghrelin on glucose regulation and anabolism.

Colleen is now in Oklahoma currently bereft of a horse but has three dogs and a husband, of whom we’ve heard considerably less about.

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