Arik Davidyan, Ph.D.

Arik grew up on an almost, but not quite, commune in Israel. He attended boarding school and served in the Israeli military as an explosive ordinance dismantling expert. He still has all 10 fingers and 12 toes, he’s just that good.

Arik has a deep love and appreciation for Elvis, unfortunately, his post-military goal of being Israel’s foremost Elvis impersonators ended when he couldn’t eat a fried banana, bacon, and peanut butter sandwich and immigrated to the United States to pursue a career in rodeo clowning.

Arik got his undergrad and subsequent Ph.D. from the University of California of Davis. He was primarily interested in testosterone rates in skeletal muscle. He is now exploring mitochondrial turnover events and mitochondrial fission and fusion.

When not at OMRF he’s developing an off-Broadway musical about his Pet Rock, Maurice.

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