Amber Rusnock

Amber grew up in Virginia but has longed to move to Oklahoma ever since she learned about our great state’s pigeon museum.

You see, Amber is a world-renowned pigeon racer. She stumbled across this hobby after learning about the partnership that pigeons and mankind have held for the last few thousand years. She quickly became enraged on behalf of the pigeons, as they are now commonly referred to as “rats with wings”, despite all they have done to aid us.
Her rage quickly turned to passion, and she now houses several hundred pigeons in her own home to try to repay even a sliver of our species’ debt to them.

Outside of her passion for pigeons, Amber’s background is in biology. She earned her bachelor’s degree in biology from the Virginia Military Institute, then studied neural development at Syracuse University, where she obtained her master’s degree.

Amber has a wonderful husband, and is a fantastic mom to both her human and fur children, all of whom she loves more than her pigeons.”

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