Justin Reid, M.S.

A native of Steamboat Springs, CO, Justin obtained his B.S in Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University in 2015 where he was honored as Cum Laude. After spending a period volunteering in the TRACD lab, Justin completed an M.S. in the Department of Health and Exercise Science in Spring 2018. During his master’s degree Justin became a jack of all trades as well as an effective teacher. His masters research started a new direction for the lab as it focused on brain proteostasis. Justin is nw a member of the Physiology PhD program at OUHSC. He will use this experience to further expand his already prodigious skill. Outside the lab, Justin truly enjoys being outside, which takes him as far as his reconstructed ACL’s allow. To really bond with Justin, just say “Radiohead” and then sit back and listen.

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